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Can you name these notable people featured or once featured on international banknotes?
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Famous forFeatured figureNational currency
Naturalist who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selectionEngland and Wales £10
President and farthest right figure on Mount RushmoreUSA $5
Physicist and chemist who coined the term 'radioactivity' and discovered radium and poloniumPoland 20,000 zł; France ₣500 (former)
Revolutionary leader and founding father of the People's Republic of ChinaChina; all notes in ¥
Architect who designed namesake tower in ParisFrance ₣200
Economist who wrote 'The Wealth of Nations'England and Wales £20
Co-founded the psychoanalytic school of psychologyAustria S50 (former)
Quantum physicist who proposed that electrons have quantized energy levels in an atomDenmark 500kr (former)
Along with Tenzing Norgay, the first person to summit Mount EverestNew Zealand $5
Revolutionary who founded the Kuomintang and is called the 'Father of the Nation' of ChinaTaiwan $100
Inventor and proponent of alternating currentYugoslavia 5000 dinar (former); Serbia 100 dinar
Aviator and author, best known for writing 'The Little Prince'France ₣50 (former)
Famous forFeatured figureNational currency
Botanist and taxonomist who established the binomial system for naming speciesSweden 100kr (former)
Flag officer in the British Navy who lost an arm and eyesight in his right eye during the Napoleonic WarsGibraltar £20
Communist revolutionary leader. Saigon was renamed after himVietnam; all notes in VND
Writer of fairy tales such as 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Snow Queen'Denmark 10kr
Military leader who liberated Venezuela and Peru (among other South American states) from Spanish ruleVenezuela, 100 Bolívares; Argentina $5; all Bolivian banknotes
Composer of the Karelia suite and several other pieces based on the KalevalaFinland 100mk
Engineer for whom the SI unit of power is namedEngland and Wales £50
Star of silent and talkie films such as Grand Hotel and CamilleSweden 100kr
Great Khan of the Mongol EmpireMongolia; multiple banknotes
Son of Akhenaten and pharaoh of Egypt whose tomb was rediscovered in 1922 by Howard CarterEgypt; all notes in £
Wartime leader who said, 'We will fight them on the beaches'Gibraltar £50
Inventor of the lightning rod and signer of US Declaration of IndependenceUSA $100