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Can you name the Facts about Salisbury (UK)?
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In which county is Salisbury?
How tall in metres is Salisbury Cathedral?
Which UNESCO site is located 8 miles north of the city?
On what site was the original city located before it was moved in the 13th century?
The city celebrates which ocassion with a parade and pageant?
Which Prime-Minister lived in the city and is buried in the cathedral?
Salisbury cathedral clock, one of the oldest working clocks in the world, dates from which century?
What did the Romans call Salisbury?
Salisbury's economy was originally built on the prodcution of which material?
Which chalk plateau famous for military use lies to the north of the city?
Which band formed in Salisbury had a hit with The Legend of Xanadu in 1968?
What is the name of the main river that flows through the city?
Which painter is famous for his work showing Salisbury Cathedral?
The medieval wall painting in St Thomas' Church depicts what event?
Which Salisbury born actor provided the voice for C-3PO in Star Wars?
What is the name of the market cross found in the city centre?
Which TV archaeologist grew up in the city?
One of four surviving copies of which important document is housed at the Cathedral?
Which football club was dissolved in 2014 and refounded as Salisbury FC?
What is the name of the weekly local paper?