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What is the capital of Poland?Geography
What actor was the Commander in '3rd Rock from the Sun' and the dad in 1984's 'Footloose'?Entertainment
Which of the simple machines converts rotational motion into linear motion?Science
Which Vice President of Richard Nixon resigned in a scandal?History
Which Shakespeare play has the tale of Katherina being wooed by Petruchio?Literature
What first name is shared by NFL quarterbacks Brees and Bledsoe?Sports
What city is written as Москва in its native Russian?Language
What material for building a house for little pigs becomes a facial blemish when you reverse the letters?Just for Fun
Which gospel is the first book of the New Testament?Religion
What series of 7 horror movies from 2003-10 featured people trapped in test of physical horror?Movies
What television series on the CW, based on a DC comic, stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen?Television
What Harold Arlen song won the Academy Award in 1939 for 'The Wizard of Oz?'Music
What color is the token that represents Colonel Mustard in Clue(do)?Gaming
What airport is the busiest in the United Kingdom?Miscellaneous
From what language does Rosh Hashanah literally translate to 'head of the year' in English?Holiday