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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
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Primary Narrator
Theme: You should not play ___
First vitim of the monster
Accused of killing William
Mr. Kirwin accused ______ for _____'s murder
_____ was obsessed with reaching the North Pole
____ catche's scarlet fever from Elizabeth
____ takes care of Victor after he falls ill
Victor accompanies Henry to ____ and ____ to work on a female monster
Walton addresses his letters to _______
The Frankenstein's live in _____
After the monster saves the girl from drwoning he is ____
After Victor dies, Walton ________________
Victor marries ________
The monster lives in a ______ outside of the peasants home
Felix is in love with
_____ is a mercahnt friend of Victor's father
Beaufort's daughter is named ______
Victor attended university in
What type of narration is Frankenstein
Mary Shelley believes that one should not be a slave to _________