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Can you name the trivia pertaining to the novel 'Lolita'?
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Year of publication
Protagonist's name
Birth name of the character he becomes obsessed with
Word protagonist uses to describe young girls he finds desirable
Protagonist's childhood sweetheart
Town in New England that he moves to
Lolita's mother
How Lolita's mother dies
School Lolita is enrolled into, after a year of travel
Author of the play Lolita takes part in
Person who kidnaps Lolita
Person who has a two-year affair with the protagonist while Lolita is missing
Lolita's age when she writes to the protagonist
Married name of Lolita
Name of Lolita's husband
Reason protagonist gets arrested
Age Lolita dies
How Lolita dies
Book's character who wrote the fictional foreword