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Sporcle debuts; Cristina Fernández de Kirchner elected Argentina's first female president
Bush v. Gore; Slobodan Milošević resigns presidency of Yugoslavia
Leif Eriksson sails from Greenland for Norway; Hungary unified under King Stephen I
Anselm becomes a monk; King Henry I of France dies
Great Chilean Earthquake, magnitude 9.5; Soviet Union shoots down American U-2 spy plane
Germany reunified; NASA launches Hubble Space Telescope
Kyrgyzstan gains independence; Warsaw Pact dissolved
Henry VIII of England born; Final battle of Spanish Reconquista - the Siege of Granada - begins
Askia the Great becomes ruler of Songhai Empire; Pope divides New World between Portugal and Spain
Turks conquer Constantinople; Hundred Years War ends
US Commodore Matthew Perry sails into Tokyo Bay to open trade negotiations; Mexico and US reach agreement on Gadsden Purchase
Treaty of Paris signed, ending Crimean War; Sigmund Freud born
First modern Olympics held in Athens; Alfred Nobel dies, leaves fortune to establish Nobel Prizes
John Muir founds Sierra Club; James Naismith publishes the rules of basketball
George Washington re-elected President of US; King Louis XVI arrested, French monarchy abolished
Robert Walpole resigns as Britain's first Prime Minister; Handel's Messiah debuts in Dublin
Battle of Midway between US and Japan; Disney's Bambi released in theaters
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; German 6th Army surrenders at Stalingrad
Panama declares independence from Colombia; First World Series Played
Sweyn I of Denmark invades England; Construction begins on Bṛhadīśvara temple in southern India
US and allied forces invade Iraq; Space Shuttle Columbia breaks apart on re-entry
Benedict XVI becomes first pope in six centuries to resign office; Sporcle tops 1 billion plays