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Can you name the missing words from the names of these historical figures?
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Historical FigureWordFact
Muhammad _____Boxing and sporting legend
Otto von _____ First Chancellor of Germany
Gaius Julius _____ Roman general and politican
Marie _____First woman to win a Nobel Prize
Charles _____Victorian author: Oliver Twist, etc
Albert _____Theoretical physicist: E = mc2
Queen _____ ILast Tudor Queen of England
Alexander _____Physician who discovered Penicillin
_____ GalileiItalian 'Father of Science'
Alexander _____ BellInventor of the telephone
Attila the _____Leader of a nomadic European Empire
Kim Jong _____North Korean dictator
Thomas _____3rd American president
_____ DiMaggioAmerican Yankees baseball legend
John F. _____President assassinated in Dallas
John Maynard _____British economist, founder of Macroeconomics
Vladimir _____Russian Revolutionary, founder of the USSR
John _____English Philosopher, Tabula Rasa
Martin _____ King Jr.American civil rights leader
_____ GandhiFather of the nation of India, assassinated in 1948
Historical FigureWordFact
Claude _____French impressionist painter
_____ Bonaparte19th century Emperor of France
Isaac _____Mathematician, physicist, discovered gravity
Florence _____Victorian pioneer of nursing
George _____Journalist and author, wrote '1984'
Marco _____Venetian explorer of China
_____ Shi HuangFirst Emperor of a unified China
Erwin _____German general, 'Desert Fox'
Jean-Jacques _____Swiss-born political philosopher
William _____Elizabethan playwright and poet
_____ FreudAustrian pioneer of Psychoanalysis
Bishop Desmond _____South African rights activist, anti-Apartheid
Pope _____ IIInitiated the First Crusade
Vincent _____ GoghDutch painter, cut his ear off
Queen _____Second longest reigning British monarch
Leonardo da _____Italian artist, 'Mona Lisa'
James _____Pioneer of Steam technology
King _____ the GreatPersian King, Battle of Thermopylae
William Butler _____Irish poet, Nobel Prize in Literature
Mao _____Founder of the People's Republic of China