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Can you name the 4-letter words that end in the letter Y that start A through Z from clues?
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Starting Letter4-Letter WordClue
AA friend during war
BConceal underground
CDallas or London, e.g.
DDisavow or declare untrue
EA whirlpool
FFrenzied anger
GBlack + white
HDivine or exalted
IDr. Henry Jones, Jr., for short
JA set of 12 peers
KSinger Perry of 'Teenage Dream'
LA lord's wife
MArtist born Richard Melville Hall
Starting Letter4-Letter WordClue
NPrying or intrusive
OFollow orders
QA dock parallel to the shore
RRed gem
SRock back and forth
TAncient Ilium
UNot attractive
VTo the extreme
WMoving with an undulating motion
XSuperman's vision type (hyphenated)
YFormer Moscow mayor Luzhkov
ZCrazy or wacky