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Can you name the Game of Thrones characters by tweets they may have sent?
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May be time to take @HalfMan up on his offer for some golden women.
DM me to inquire about becoming a little bird.
(Whose Horse?): Just pooped in the Throne room. #LikeABoss
Been peeing in front of a lady for weeks now. #Embarassing
#ThatAwkwardMoment when you accidentally flirt w/ your sister.
Haven't seen any bad men fly lately. #WheresMother?
Hodor! Hodor Hodor Hodor. #Hodor
#AskMyFollowers What appearance should a man take on next?
Getting married against mother's will. #YOLO
Gave @BeggarKing his “golden crown.” #SucksToSuck
@KingDoesAsHeLikes. @QueenRegent. @BringThePayne. @Hound.
#ThingsICantLiveWithout Wine, Women, & Wine. @Lancel @Kingslayer
@Kingslayer's not in town. Looks like @Lancel will do for tonight.
Loving this twitter site. Finally, a place where I can actually speak!
I miss girls. #WallLife
@JonSnow You still know nothing.
Just witnessed a smoke monster come out of a woman. What the-
RIP Renly. Why hello there @KingDoesAsHeLikes ;)