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Can you name the things that contain a letter 'X' in only 5 minutes?
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Written Number 1-10
Borough of New York City
Finger of the Hand
Santa's Reindeer
Michael C. Hall TV Show
Orchestra Instrument
Chinese Zodiac Animal
Common Childhood Illness
US State
Regular Polygon (up to 20 sides)
German State
Human Bone
MLB Team Name
Cat Species
European Country
Fortune 100 US Companies
Communist Manifesto Author
Greek Letter
Book of the Bible
Branch of the US Government
Harry Potter and the ...
French Wine Region
US President
Mythological River
Simon Cowell TV Show
Monopoly Square
Keanu Reeves Movie
Pope Name (not numeral)
Lucy Lawless TV Show
English County
Persian King
NFL Team Name
Superman Enemy
AKC Dog Breed
U.S. Television Broadcast Network
Beatles Song
North American Country