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Can you name the facts about Ireland?
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Official Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Prime Minister (Taoiseach)
Capital City
National Anthem
Independence from
Independence Day
National Holiday
Largest City
Second Largest City
Third Largest City
Fourth Largest City
Fifth Largest City
First President
First Taoiseach
Symbol on Coat of Arms
Symbolic Plant of Ireland
Bordering Country
Highest Point (1,041 m)
Lowest Point (0 m)
Largest Religious Denomination
Official Language
Official Language
Nationality (Demonym)
Most Popular Sport
Age of Suffrage
Drives on the...
Bordering Sea
Bordering Sea
# of Counties
Largest County
Smallest County
Largest Lake
Longest River
Largest Stadium
Bordering Ocean
Parliament Building
First National Park
Internet Country Code
Famous ''Kissing Stone''
Famous Irish Folklore Fairy
Popular Irish Dry Stout Drink
Oldest Institution of Higher Learning