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Can you name the numbers associated with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?
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The number of...Number
Masks Link can ultimately borrow
Rupees a Purple Rupee is valued at
Rupees it costs to Fish in the Pond
Ladders in the Water Temple (not boss chamber)
'Twenty-three is number ...'
Big Poes roaming Hyrule
Goddesses that created Hyrule
Golden Skulltulas roaming Hyrule
Great Fairy Fountains hidden in Hyrule
Pounds a Large Fish must weigh to earn the Golden Scale
The number of...Number
Heart Pieces available in Hyrule
Years Link was trapped in the Sacred Realm
Keys in the Gerudo Training Ground
Scarecrows found in Hyrule
Points in a perfect Horseback Archery Range run
Ocarina tunes Link may learn (not compose)
Rupees an Adult's Wallet can hold
Sages Link must awaken to face Ganondorf
Arrows Link initially finds in his Quiver
Empty bottles Link can (legally) acquire