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When was the last time Carnoustie hosted the Open?
Who was the champion on that occasion?
In 1975 at Carnoustie, who won the first of his Claret Jugs?
Which Scottish golfer won the 1999 Open there?
----'s Alley: Carnoustie's 6th hole was officially renamed this in 2003 after which Open winner there?
Who was beaten in a play-off in the last Open played at Carnoustie?
In 1968, which member of the 'Big Three' became the only winner of a Carnoustie Open?
What is the name of the waterway which cuts through much of Carnoustie links?
Which English golfer won his second of three Opens in 1937 at Carnoustie?
In 1999 who led the Carnoustie by five when starting his last round?
Which golfer of those currently playing on tour holds the most Open wins?
St Andrews Opens are usually every five years (years ending with 5 or 0), so why is it hosting in it 2021, not 2020?
Who won the Open in 2017?
Who won the first if his three Opens in 1979?
Who lowered the majors 18-hole record to 62 in 2017?
Who is the eldest runner-up in an Open?
Which on of Hogan, Snead and Nelson never won the Open?
Who at nearly 43 won his second Open in 2012?
Who, when winning the Open in 1951, was the last Brit to succeed for 18 years?
Which American was one of the three to play-off in the Carnoustie Open of 1999?
In which year did Carnoustie host its first Open?
Who was the first Open winner there?
In which year did Ben Hogan, after claiming the first two majors, win the Carnoustie Open?
Carnoustie was developed over time, most notably by Allan Robertson, Tom Morris and which other great Scottish player?
Which Australian golfer was beaten in a play-off in the 1975 Carnoustie Open?
Who won the Open after a three-way play-off in 2015?
Which other player in that play-off was already an Open champion?
Where will the Open of 2019 be played for only the second time?
The 36-hole low round for the Open is 130, shared by Nick Faldo and who else?
Which American after Tom Watson with five wins, has lifted the most Claret Jugs?
Apart from Tom Morris Jr, Jamie Anderson and Bob Ferguson in the 19th century, who is the only other player to win three back-to-back Opens?
Who was the last amateur to win the Open?
Who is the only New Zealander to lift the Claret Jug?
Which Open course made its debut in 1977?
Who won his first of four Opens in 1949?
Four Australians have won the Open: Thomson, Norman, Baker-Finch and who else/
Carnoustie has consistently been the longest course on the Open rota at over 7,400 yards. Which course is the second longest?
Who is the only player to have won four Opens on English courses?
Which course hosted the Open just twice, in 1909 and 1920?
The 1937 Open at Carnoustie was swelled by the American Ryder Cup team but only two made the Top 10, Ed Dudley and who else?
In the 1989 Open Mark Calcavecchia beat two Australians in play-off. One was Greg Norman, was was the other?
Who was the first post-War Open champion in 1946?
In the 21st century, only one Open course has measured fewer than 7,000 yards. Which one?