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Can you name the Name the Oasis song from these lyrics?
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You might as well do the white line
We see things they'll never see
Wake up the dawn and ask her why
Today is gonna be the day
Go and tell that to the man who lives in hell
All I know is you can take me there
Kiss the girl, she's not behind the door
There's lots and lots for us to see
What I heard is not what I hear
You ain’t ever gonna burn my heart out
Nobody can ever hear him call
Hey you! wearing the crown
All your dreams are made of strawberry lemonade
In my mind my dreams are real
You'll never change what's been and gone
Me and you - what's going on?
You only see what people want you to see
No, I don't feel down
The answer's in the looking glass
I'm sorry but I just don't know
My heart will never be your home
These could be the best days of our lives
These are crazy days but they make me shine
I know we're going to uncover What's sleepin' in our soul
Comin in a mess, goin out in style
She's a little pilot in my mind
We're the keepers of their destiny
I'm older than I'd wish to be
Feel no shame - cos time's no chain
And my enemies all know my name
Love is a time machine
Will it ever, ever, ever work out right?
Your music's shite it keeps me up all night
She rings the bell for all the world to hear
We the people fight for our existence