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Can you name the Can you guess the Little Mix song from a single line??
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He's from a different strain that science can't explain
Dancing with the moon and night your heartbeat is disguised as my lullaby
Going home, take the long way round lights pass, sit back with the windows down
Tick Tick boom like gasoline-y. Yeah they call me Lamborghini
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
You still got that power hanging over me. It's always over but still happening
It's the verse in my head. The words that make me stutter
You were pouring out your love, I could never get enough
You ain't even workin'. Go and get a job
We don't need no camouflage. It's the female federal
Trying way too hard and I don't need your flattery
Took four long years to call it quits
I feel like for the first time I am not faking
I'm through will wish the things with you and me could be so good
Yeah, you had me at hello. And it's something you should know