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Can you name the Stardew Valley Villagers?
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Purple-hairedPelican Town
Aspiring athletePelican Town
GuardCalico Desert
Green-hairedPelican Town
BlacksmithPelican Town
ScientistPelican Town
Hooded figureMines
'Romantic' cabin-dwellerThe Beach
Blue-hairedPelican Town
Elderly gardenerPelican Town
Cranky old manPelican Town
Sleepy adventurerPelican Town
Elected officialUnknown
Deceased relativeAfterlife
Operates the Archaeology CenterPelican Town
Owner of the Stardrop SaloonPelican Town
Popular and blondePelican Town
Town doctorPelican Town
Young girlCindersap Forest
Busy housewifePelican Town
SoldierPelican Town
Friendly monsterThe Sewers
Aspiring artistCindersap Forest
MayorPelican Town
Distrustful outcastPelican Town
Adventure Guild operatorPelican Town
Ranch ownerCindersap Forest
Carpenter's daughterPelican Town
JojaMart managerPelican Town
Mysterious strangerCalico Desert
Saloon frequenterPelican Town
TutorPelican Town
General store ownerPelican Town
CarpenterPelican Town
GuitaristPelican Town
Oasis ownerCalico Desert
Gothic programmerPelican Town
JojaMart employeePelican Town
Energetic young boyPelican Town
FishermanThe Beach
MagicianCindersap Forest