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Can you decide whether the following quotes were said by Donald Trump (T) or Adolf Hitler (H)?
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There could be some man-made something. But, you know, if you look at [country], they're doing nothing about it, other countries are doing nothing about it. It's a big planet.
When women kill children–it’s anything but murder: it is 'her right to choose.'
Do not compare yourself to others. If you do so, you are insulting yourself.
Taken to its logical extreme, [religion] would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure.
My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don't feel so stupid or insecure; it's not your fault.
[Name] is calling for a total and complete shutdown of [religion] entering the [country] until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.
There were people that were cheering on the other side of [place], where you have large [group] populations. They were cheering as the [building] came down.
The [religion] has always been a people with definite racial characteristics and never a religion.
Our great [person] hasn't exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying [city]!
How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.
The more economic difficulties increase, the more immigration will be seen as a burden.
Any violence which does not spring from a spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain. It lacks the stability which can only rest in a fanatical outlook.
They’re bringing drugs. They’re bring crime. They’re rapists… And some, I assume, are good people.
My ... has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.