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How well do you know Kate?
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What is Kate's dress size?
What is Carole's maiden name?
What street is the Middleton Chelsea home on?
What is the name of Kate's private secretary?
What kind of car does Kate drive?
Amner or Anmer?
What company does James Middleton own?
What is Kate's shoe size?
What snack did Kate purchase at a petrol station?
Where was Kate born?
Name a Middleton family dog
What local pub do the Middletons often dine at?
Where did Kate grocery shop in Anglesey?
Which club provided the cocktails at the Royal Wedding?
What cocktail did they serve at the Royal Wedding?
What animal did Kate photograph during the 2012 Southeast Asia tour?
Which brand's 'Boyfriend Shirt' does Kate often wear?
What did Kate order for breakfast in NYC?
What is Cheeks' full name?
What brand coat did Kate wear to Christmas 2014?
What was Kate's nickname in primary school?
What product did Kate buy from the Clarins counter?
When was George's christening?
What is Kate's middle name?
What is your favorite royal website?