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Can you name the Harry Potter-related answers from A to Z?
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Serpent Enemy In The Pipes Of Hogwarts B
The Unforgivable Curse That Tortures the RecipientC
The Muggle Family Harry Potter Lives WithD
Disarming Charm; Harry Potter's Signature SpellE
Giant, Three Headed DogF
Magical BankG
Small Town Near HogwartsH
Dead Body Of a Human Reincarnated By a Dark WizardI
Harry Potter's Birth DateJ
House-elf In The Black's HouseK
Loony LunaL
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No GoodM
Lord Voldemort's Faithful Pet SnakeN
Year Five TestO
All They Found Of Him Was His Finger...P
Wizarding Sport Played On BroomsticksQ
A Room At Hogwarts That Can Only Be Used By Someone Who Truly Needs ItR
Ron's RatS
Lord Voldemort's True Name (first name)T
Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts In Harry Potter's 5th Year (last name)U
Transportation Device Used to Transport Death Eaters from Knockturn Alley to HogwartsV
Dangerous Tree at Hogwarts W
First name of the editor of 'The Quibbler'X
Formal Dance Held In Correlation With The Triwizard TournamentY
Joke Shop in HogsmeadeZ