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Sets of CountriesOdd One Out (A, B, C or D)
Members of the European Union
A) Bulgaria B) Croatia C) Latvia D) Iceland
Have Spanish as an official language
A) Ecuador B) Equatorial Guinea C) Panama D) Togo
Renamed countries
A) Angola B) Burkina Faso C) Ghana D) Zimbabwe
Have flags with exactly five stars
A) China B) Honduras C) Singapore D) Venezuela
Have highest points below 1,000 meters
A) Bangladesh B) Belarus C) Senegal D) Uruguay
Members of the Commonwealth of Nations
A) Guyana B) Philippines C) Sierra Leone D) Sri Lanka
Have population densities above 300 per km²
A) Bahrain B) Dominican Republic C) Japan D) Netherlands
The Danube flows through them
A) Germany B) Romania C) Slovakia D) Slovenia
Had the tallest building in the world
A) Malaysia B) Qatar C) Taiwan D) United States
Have French as an official language
A) Canada B) Guinea C) Haiti D) Sudan
Have land areas larger than one million km²
A) Colombia B) South Africa C) Niger D) Pakistan
Visited by Christopher Columbus
A) Costa Rica B) Cuba C) Jamaica D) Mexico
Capitals relocated in 2nd half 20th century
A) Kazakhstan B) Nigeria C) Syria D) Tanzania
East of the Prime Meridian
A) Benin B) Liberia C) Luxembourg D) Tunisia
The largest city isn't the capital
A) Cameroon B) Ecuador C) Ethiopia D) United States
Former members of the Warsaw Pact
A) Albania B) Hungary C) Poland D) Serbia
Populations larger than 10 million
A) Cambodia B) Paraguay C) Portugal D) Somalia
Border the Mediterranean Sea
A) Kosovo B) Lebanon C) Monaco D) Morocco
Have coldest extreme temperatures below -50°C
A) Estonia B) Mongolia C) Norway D) Russia
Members of OPEC
A) Brunei B) Iraq C) Kuwait D) Libya