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Can you name the murder victims in the Ace Attorney series?
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Larry Butz's ex-girlfriend1-1
Phoenix Wright's mentor1-2
The 'Evil Magistrate' in the Steel Samurai series1-3
Defense attorney to Yanni Yogi1-4
Honest detective1-5
Maggie Byrde's policeman boyfriend2-1
Physician looking to clear his name2-2
Ringleader of the Big Berry Circus2-3
The 'Jammin Ninja' in the Nickel Samurai series2-4
Dahlia Hawthorne's ex-boyfriend3-1
Head of KB Security3-2
Skilled computer hacker3-3
Dahlia Hawthorne's sister3-4
Traveling illustrator, mentor to Larry Butz3-5
Professional poker player4-1
Profitable but not unusually gifted surgeon4-2
Lamiroir's manager and bodyguard4-3
Artist with a devoted daughter4-4