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Can you name the Star Trek Trivia in this two minute blitz?
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'Space: the final ________. These are the voyages...'
Name of ship: USS ___________
Letter-Number designation of ship: ____-_____
United _________ of Planets
Principal of non-interference: 'The ______ Directive'
Star Trek creator: Gene ____________
Captain James ____
Captain was played by William _________
Captain's previous training was at ________ Academy
Episode with soft, furry, rapidly-reproducing critters: 'The Trouble with _______'
'_____ me up, Scotty'
Engineer Scott's full first name: ____________
McCoy is a ______, not a Coal Miner!
McCoy's nickname: '______'
Ricardo Montalbán played villain '____ Noonien Singh' in the episode 'Space Seed'
Communications Officer: Lieutenant ______
Majel Barrett played Nurse ______
Navigator Chekov's rank: ______
Helm Officer skilled in fencing: _____
Joan Collins appeared on the episode 'The City on the Edge of _________'
Hand-held weapon often set on 'stun': _______
Hand-held device that flips open; used for verbal transmissions: ____________
Actor who plays Spock: Leonard _______
Spock is from what planet?: _______
Spock's father's name: ______
Spock's mother is of what race?: ________
'Live long and ________'