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Can you name the Zelda Dungeon items?
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Legend of Zelda
Level 1 
Level 2 
Level 3 
Level 4 
Level 5 
Level 6 
Level 7 
Level 8 
Level 9 
Zelda 2
Parapa Palace 
Midoro Palace 
Island Palace 
Maze Island Palace 
Ocean Palace 
Hidden Palace 
A Link to the Past
Eastern Palace 
Desert Palace 
Tower of Hera 
Palace of Darkness 
Swamp Palace 
Skull Palace 
Thieves' Town 
Ice Palace 
Misery Mire 
Turtle Rock 
Ganon's Tower 
Link's Awakening
Tail Cave 
Bottle Grotto 
Key Cavern 
Angler's Tunnel 
Catfish's Maw 
Face Shrine 
Eagle's Tower 
Turtle Rock 
Ocarina of Time
Deku Tree 
Dodongo's Caven 
Jabu-Jabu's Belly 
Forest Temple 
Fire Temple 
Water Temple 
Shadow Temple 
Spirit Temple 
Ganon's Castle 
Majora's Mask
Woodfall Temple 
Snowhead Temple 
Great Bay Temple 
Stone Tower Temple 
Oracle of Seasons
Gnarled Root Dungeon 
Snake's Remains 
Poison Moth's Lair 
Dancing Dragon Dungeon 
Unicorn's Cave 
Ancient Ruins 
Explorer's Crypt 
Sword and Shield Maze 
Oracle of Ages
Spirit's Grave 
Wing Dungeon 
Moonlit Grotto 
Skull Dungeon 
Crown Dungeon 
Mermaid's Cave 
Jabu Jabu's Belly 
Ancient Tomb 
Wind Waker
Dragoon Roost Cavern 
Forbidden Woods 
Tower of the Gods 
Forsaken Fortress 
Earth Temple 
Wind Temple 
Minish Cap
Deepwood Shrine 
Cave of Flames 
Fortress of Winds 
Temple of Droplets 
Palace of Winds 
Twilight Princess
Forest Temple 
Goron Mines 
Lakebed Temple 
Arbiter's Grounds 
Snowpeak Ruins 
Temple of Time 
City in the Sky 
Twilight Palace 
Phantom Hourglass
Temple of Fire 
Temple of Wind 
Temple of Courage 
Goron Temple 
Temple of Ice 
Mutoh's Temple 
Spirit Tracks
Forest Temple 
Snow Temple 
Ocean Temple 
Fire Temple 
Sand Temple 
Skyward Sword
Skyview Temple 
Earth Temple 
Lanayru Mining Facility 
Ancient Cistern 
Fire Sanctuary 
A Link Between Worlds
Dark Palace 
Swamp Palace 
Skull Woods 
Thieves' Town 
Turtle Rock 
Desert Palace 
Ice Ruins 
Lorule Castle 
Breath of the Wild
Vah Medoh 
Vah Rudania 
Vah Naboris 
Vah Ruta 
Hyrule Castle