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Can you name the animated Disney movies based on their 8-word-long descriptions?
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Mickey Mouse disobeys Yen Sid. Musical chaos ensues.
Arabian thief wishes thrice and engages a princess.
Queen orders stepdaughter's murder. Stepdaughter befriends small men.
New Orleans waitress falls for voodoo-inflicted amphibian.
King's brother murders king and drives away prince.
Flying big-eared mammal is ridiculed, then adored.
Puppy befriends but later hunts a wild vulpine.
Dogs fall in love and share spaghetti dinner.
Mice save orphan girl from wicked kidnapper woman.
Hunters shoot title character's mom (and later him!)
Scorned witch makes a gorgeous royal woman tired.
Asian gal dresses like a dude, joins army.
Hawaiian girl and cute alien stay on Earth.
Old woman's felines are left in butler's hands.
Disfigured bellringer falls in love, doesn't get girl.
Cursed monster prince with withering rose finds love.
Love story about Native American girl and settler.
Zach Braff and Joan Cusack avoid falling sky.
Man raised by gorillas falls for professor's daughter.
Kenai befriends Koda and officially becomes a 'man.'
Self-centered ruler is turned into a llama.
Children fly, battle aging, and fight some pirates.
Wench receives magical assistance, then loses her shoe.
Wolf-raised orphan refuses to join human community.
Girl falls in hole, fights giant playing card.
Spotted puppies avoid futures as fur coat components.