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Can you name the characters of Harry Potter by their relationship with other characters?
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Sister of Parvati
Aunt of Susan
Daughter of Hermione
Sister of Vernon
Sister of Petunia
Sister of Gabrielle
Son of Draco
(Giantess) Mother of Rubeus
Father of Luna
Sister of Charlie
Husband of Ginny
Son of Harry
Daughter of Rowena
Brother of Dennis
Mother of Neville
Great-Great Grandfather of Sirius
Mother of Draco
Grandmother of Neville
Husband of Fleur
Father of Severus
'Second Cousin Once Removed' of Sirius
Sister of Aberforth
Wife of Ted
Cousin of Andromeda
Son of Eileen
Father of Cedric
Brother of Merope
Brother of Molly
Son of Merope
Father of Percy
Mother of Albus
Sister of Narcissa
Husband of (Nymphadora) Tonks