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Can you name the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions?
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YearCourt CaseDecision Summary
1803The Supreme Court is allowed to strike down acts of congress which conflict with the U.S. Constitution.
1819Maryland had no power to tax a federal bank. Reaffirmed supremacy of federal laws over state laws.
1824Congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce.
1857People of African descent could not become citizens and the U.S. could not prohibit slavery in federal territories.
1896Segregated facilities for blacks and whites are constitutional. 'Separate but equal'
1919Freedom of speech not protected for speech that caused a 'clear and present danger'.
1954Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal and unconstitutional.
1962Prayer in classrooms violates the First Amendment.
1963Anyone charged with a criminal offense has the right to free legal counsel.
1964Upheld freedom of press and required officials to prove malice, not just falsehood, in statements made against them.
1966A suspect interrogated in custody must be read his rights under the Fifth Amendment.
1973The practice of abortion is constitutionally protected.
1974The President of the U.S. is not above the law.
1978Quota systems based on race are unconstitutional, but affirmative action is constitutional.
2000Florida's voting recount violated the Equal Protection Clause
2008Foreign terrorism suspects have constitutional rights to challenge their detention by the U.S.
2015The fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples.