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Can you name the creatures in Harry Potter?
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I am short, wrinkled and smart, with my creations I'm unwilling to part.
I'm ugly, heavy and huge, you won't find a stupider stooge.
Stars are my source of direction, for humans I have no affection.
My blood's the drink of life, half-cursed will be your strife.
Serving's my eternal delight, clothing my eternal fright.
I'm a small garden pest, throw me-- I won't get stressed!
People are my favourite food, eight legs make me crude.
I'll kill you with my eyes, carry a mirror if you're wise.
By me you don't want to be kissed, your soul will be seriously missed.
I'm half horse and half eagle, respect me, for I am regal.
I turn into your greatest fear, laughter is what I don't like to hear.
My enemy is the full moon, although some consider it a boon.
My breath isn't pleasant to feel, the burn might make you squeal.
My song is an screeching wail, my body ends in a tail.
Those who see me have seen death, otherwise you'll just feel my breath.
I can be 25 feet tall, sixteen feet's considered small.