Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question about something Sporcle related? You might not be the first.


What does Sporcle mean?
Can I keep track of how I do on the quizzes?
What's the 'Daily Dose'?
Is there a Sporcle app I can use?
The timer on a quiz won't start! What do I do?
What is a Challenge and how does it work?
What is the Quizmaster Score?
What does an Editor or a Curator do? How do I become one?
What are Sporcle Groups?
What constitutes a "friend" on Sporcle? What is the difference between a "friend" and a "follow"?
Does Sporcle use a standard for defining the countries of the world?
What is the Play Streak?

Managing Your Account

I don't have a Sporcle account, do I need one?
Can I change my username?
How do I delete my account?
What is Connect with Facebook?

Sporcle Orange

What is Sporcle Orange?
How do I update the credit card I have on file?
How do I cancel my Orange membership?
Why did my Orange membership expire?
Why is there a recurring charge on my credit card?

Quiz Creation

How do I create image quizzes?
Is there some kind of guide or help file for creating quizzes?
As new Sporcle quiz types come along, are there any guidelines or etiquette I should be aware of when making a quiz?
How do I make a slideshow quiz?
Is there a limit to the number of quizzes I can create?
Does Sporcle have a forum where I can post questions about making quizzes?
How do I make a quiz with wrong answers?
How do I create an audio quiz?
Will my quiz be selected to be featured on the front page of Sporcle?
What does it mean if my quiz is private?
What is a "clickable" quiz?
How do I create bonus/hidden answers?
I have seen quizzes with headings on them, how is that possible?
How do I delete a quiz I have contributed?
I contributed my quiz, but it has errors, how can I fix it?


What is a playlist?
How do I make a playlist?
How many playlists can I create?

Embedding Quizzes

What does it mean to embed a quiz?
How do I embed a Sporcle quiz on my blog or site?
What games or quizzes can I embed?


What is a Showdown?
What is the difference between a Showdown and a Challenge?
What is the Showdown Hub?
What does it mean to 'Party Up'?
How do I play a Showdown against my friends?
What does the number next to my username in a Showdown mean?
Can I make my Showdown plays private?
I found a bug in Showdowns, what should I do?

Sporcle Live

What is Sporcle Live anyway?
Can we change our team name?
Is there a team size limit?
How much does it cost to play?

Pub Champions Trivia League (PCTL)

What is this trivia league all about?
How does our team change our league team name or update our captain’s contact?
What happens if teams tie in the regular season final standings?
I forgot my league number. How do I retrieve it?
Can my team earn league points at more than one venue per night?
If my state has a Semi Final, do I have to play there first or can I RSVP directly to a State Championship?
Can I register multiple teams?
Is there a limit to team size?
What happens if my venue cancels mid-season?
I play in a state without a Semi Final or State Championship. What do I do?
If I have a missing score or discrepancy, what do I do?
How do you decide when a state gets Semi Finals?
Does it cost money to compete in the league?
How many teams will be at Semi Finals and State Championships?
How are prize pools determined?
Are Sporcle Live hosts eligible to play in the league?
How are locations of Semi Finals and State Championships determined?
Can I play in a a Semi Final or State Championship in a state other than my own?
What happens if a show starts up mid-season?
Can I be the venue champion at multiple venues and compete in multiple Semi Finals?
Do I have to play a full game to get a score logged?
If a team wins Semi Finals and chooses not to play in the State Championships, will the next team in line get an invite to States?
Is the Bar Hop still a thing?

For Bar Owners

How much is Sporcle Live?
What is the commitment? Is there a contract?
What does the bar/venue have to provide? Do we need to have sound equipment?
Anything else I should know?

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