Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a question about something Sporcle related? You might not be the first.


What does Sporcle mean?
I don't have a Sporcle account, do I need one?
Can I keep track of how I do on the quizzes?
Is there a Sporcle app I can use?
What's the 'Daily Dose'?
What are Sporcle Groups?
What does an Editor or a Curator do? How do I become one?
Does Sporcle use a standard for defining the countries of the world?

Managing Your Account

Can I change my username?
How do I delete my account?
What is the Play Streak?
What is the Triviamaster Score?
Why was my account suspended or blocked?
How will I know if my account has been suspended?
How long will my account be suspended?
What is a Trophy?
What constitutes a "friend" on Sporcle? What is the difference between a "friend" and a "follow"?
How do I remove my data in the Word Ladder app?


Why do I need to verify my email address?
What is an email bounce?
What is the difference between a hard bounce and a soft bounce?
I’m not getting email from Sporcle and it says my email is invalid on my profile, why?
I am getting too much email from Sporcle, what can I do?
I did not receive an email to reset my password, what happened?

Quiz Creation

How do I create a quiz?
How do I edit my quiz?
Is there some kind of guide or help for creating quizzes?
What is a classic quiz?
How do I create a clickable quiz?
How do I create a grid quiz?
How do I create a slideshow quiz?
How do I create a multiple choice quiz?
How do I create a picture box quiz?
How do I create a map quiz?
How do I create picture click quizzes?
How do I create an audio quiz?
How do I create a quiz with wrong answers?
Is there a limit to the number of quizzes I can create?
What is the Quizmaster Score?
Will my quiz be selected to be featured on the front page of Sporcle?
What does it mean if my quiz is private?
Can I delete a quiz I have contributed?
What does it mean for a quiz to be retired?

Sporcle Orange

What is Sporcle Orange?
How do I update the credit card I have on file?
How do I cancel my Orange membership?
Why did my Orange membership expire?
Why is there a recurring charge on my credit card?


What are Florins?
How can I get them?
Can I transfer Florins from one account to another?
What can I do with Florins?
How do Streak Savers work?

Multiplayer Trivia Formats: Showdowns, Challenges, and More

What is a Showdown?
What is the difference between a Showdown and a Challenge?
What is the Showdown Hub?
What does it mean to 'Party Up'?
How do I play a Showdown against my friends?
What does the number next to my username in a Showdown mean?
What is a Challenge and how does it work?
Can I make my Showdown plays private?
I found a bug in Showdowns, what should I do?


How do I give Kudos?
How do I give Quiz Kudos?

Sporcle Pub Quiz, Stump! and Opinionation

What is Sporcle Events anyway?
Can we change our team name?
Who can I contact if I have questions about accessibility or if I would like to request an accommodation at a live trivia event?
How are the stats on my team page determined?
Is there a team size limit?
How much does it cost to play?


What is a playlist?
How do I make a playlist?
How many playlists can I create?

Embedding Quizzes

What does it mean to embed a quiz?
How do I embed a Sporcle quiz on my blog or site?
What games or quizzes can I embed?

For Bar Owners

How much is Sporcle Events?
What is the commitment? Is there a contract?
What does the bar/venue have to provide? Do we need to have sound equipment?
Anything else I should know?

The Globe / League Play

What is The Globe League?
What are Passport Stamps?
How much does it cost to join The Globe League?
My location started in the middle of a season. Will we have a League Championship there?
What and when is the Ultimate Globe Game / National Championship?
Are there team size limits for any games during league play?
What games count towards league play points?
How do I qualify for The Globe Games?
How do I track my league progress?


What is SporcleCon?
Are there prizes at SporcleCon?
Should I attend by myself or with a team?
Will SporcleCon be family friendly?
How many members can be on a Battle of the Brains team?
Does everyone on my team need to have a VIP ticket to get a table closer to the stage for Battle of the Brains?
How does the VIP Pub Quiz for $1k work?

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