Frequently Asked Questions
What does Sporcle mean?
Can I keep track of how I do on the quizzes?
Can I share my game playing statistics with others?
What's the 'Daily Dose'?
The timer on a game won't start! What do I do?
What is the Quizmaster Score?
What does an Editor or a Curator do? How do I become one?
Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account?
How are the college rankings determined?
Managing Your Account
I don't have a Sporcle account, do I need one?
What is Connect with Facebook?
Can I change my username?
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Game Creation
Will my quiz be selected to be featured on the front page of Sporcle?
How do I create an audio quiz?
How do I create image quizzes?
Why can we only create 11 games a month?
How do I create bonus/hidden answers?
I have seen quizzes with headings on them, how is that possible?
How do I delete a quiz I have contributed?
I contributed my quiz, but it has errors, how can I fix it?
Is there some kind of guide or help file for creating games?
What are these Game Options I see when creating a quiz?
How do I make a quiz with wrong answers?
As new Sporcle game types come along, are there any guidelines or etiquette I should be aware of when making a game?
What is a "Clickable" game?
Does Sporcle have a forum where I can post questions about making quizzes?
What does it mean if my quiz is private?
How do I make a Slideshow quiz?
Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch App?
How about an Android app?
Do you have any other apps I might want to hear about?
How does this whole challenge thing work anyway?
Embedding Quizzes
How do I embed a Sporcle quiz on my blog or site?
What does it mean to embed a quiz?
What games or quizzes can I embed?