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League play has been a favorite of pub quiz goers since Sporcle hit the live quiz scene in 2009. The Globe League takes it to another level. Your team can earn digital passport stamps, be crowned champion of your go-to location, and win up to $1000 in the Globe Games each year!

Once you’re registered (it’s free to sign up and play), you’ll be given a unique team number. Input your team number into our digital answering system each time you play, and your scores will be tracked.

Season Dates

Globe seasons occur twice a year. The Fall 2023 season is 15 weeks long. Starting in 2024, Globe seasons will be 21 weeks long.

Winter / Spring 2024 Season Summer / Fall 2024 Season
January 8 - June 9 June 24 - November 10
Globe Games: June 22 - June 23 Globe Games: December 7 - December 8

Location Eligibility

In-person locations that offer Sporcle Pub Quiz, Stump! by Sporcle, or Opinionation by Sporcle will host The Globe League. Locations must have hosted at least four games during the season to be eligible for a League Championship. Virtual events are not eligible for League Championships, but they still offer leaderboard positioning and certain passport stamps.

Globe Points

Globe points are awarded to teams during each regular game played during the Globe season and are based on cumulative scores from each game completed. First place teams are awarded 10 points, second place teams are awarded 8 points, 3rd place gets 6 points, 4th place gets 4 points, 5th place gets 2 points and all other teams receive 1 point.

Globe points are used at the end of each season to award trophies to the top three teams based on cumulative total points.

League Championships

League Championships occur during the final week of each season. Every in-person location that has met the 4-game threshold will host a League Championship. Teams that have played in at least 50% of a location's games are eligible. This means if your go-to location hosts 8 games, your team needs to compete in at least 4 of them to take part in the location's League Championship. The winning team of each League Championship will be crowned champion, receive a unique championship trophy on their team page, and will have early access to register for the Globe Games at the end of each season.

Globe Games

The Globe Games will be held at the end of each season at various locations nationwide. Participating teams will play standard Sporcle Pub Quiz/Stump! by Sporcle games to win their share of a minimum $1000 cash prize at each location. The top five teams will win cash at each event. Virtual games will have random cash prizes awarded since we can't police cheating as easily.

Teams that have won a League Championship during the calendar year (at any location) will have early access to register for the Globe Games at a location of their choice. Regular-season champs get the second RSVP opportunity. Finally, other Globe teams that have played at least 5 games during the year can register for any remaining spots.

Passport Stamps

Passport stamps are awarded for achievements based on your team's plays, wins, high scores, and more. View your passport stamps on your team page.

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