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Stump! & Pub Quiz

America's best team trivia game played in thousands of pubs and private events since 1999.

  • There are eight general knowledge questions in the regular round.
  • Teams may assign between 1 and 8 points for each question; however, they can only use each point value one time.
  • After the 4th and 8th regular round questions, there will be a 4-question Mystery Round. Mystery Rounds are mini-themed rounds where each correct answer is worth 2 points.
  • The game ends with our Call Your Shot final question. Teams can wager up to 15 of the points they’ve earned at that point in the game, only knowing the category of the question.
Example Questions
  • Name two of the four colors of the “berries” in Crunch Berries cereal, the most recent of which was added in the 2000s.
  • What river briefly forms the border between Thailand and Laos?
  • In “Avatar: The Last Airbender” what is the name of the earth-bending-born avatar that preceded Aang?

Hear what the community is saying!

Fundraiser Client
Our guests had a blast and our host helped encourage trivia players to donate to our organization.
Corporate Client
It was a fantastic way for us to engage with our coworkers/friends that we don't usually see because we're in different locations or because we've had to transition to remote work.
Friends/Family Client
Our group of 20+ dads was looking for safe weekly entertainment activities that would allow us to get together. Sporcle’s trivia events have scratched that itch.

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