Difficulty: Television

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
1Adult Swim Original Comedies10.84%
2TV Characters By Reason They Left12.98%
3Mythical TV Musicians II15.04%
4The Price Is Right Games15.11%
5TV Shows by Pilot Episode15.36%
6SNL Celebrity Jeopardy Responses15.43%
7Movies in The Simpsons15.85%
8Cartoon Opening Themes16.50%
9Aaron Spelling Shows17.23%
10Sitcoms By Disastrous Wedding17.29%
11Final Episode (2000s)17.47%
12Monty Python Cheese Shop Cheeses17.80%
13Cartoon Villains18.21%
14Name That (Cancelled) Show18.34%
15Batman TV Fight Sound Effects18.37%
16Apt TV Anagrams18.47%
17Conan O'Brien Recurring Sketches18.79%
18Friends Guest Stars18.84%
19Laff-A-Lympics Teams19.10%
20TV Dramas Most Episodes19.12%
21TV Theme Song Singers19.22%
22Longest Running Sitcoms19.22%
23Krofft TV Shows19.68%
24100 Best TV Shows (Time Magazine)20.30%
25Emmy - Drama Supporting Actor20.48%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Original Power Rangers Colors (TV Show)95.78%
2Ruined By A Letter: TV Shows95.70%
3Parks and Recreation Character-Actor Match95.02%
4Mis-Matched TV Shows94.77%
5Picture Match: Arrested Development94.74%
6Cartoons by Easter Special94.61%
7Two Word TV Titles (2000s)94.59%
8Find the Simpsons Characters94.58%
9Find the 'Looney Tunes' Characters94.55%
10Cryptogram Map: Sitcoms94.53%
11Simpsons Shopkeeper: Good or Bad?94.35%
12TV Title Overlaps94.21%
13Simpsons Sports Slideshow93.73%
14Two Word TV Titles (1990s)93.69%
15Interrogative Television93.58%
16Find the '80s Cartoon93.50%
17Find the '90s Cartoon93.44%
18Follow That Line: Will & Grace93.37%
19The Office: Over 100 Episodes93.27%
20Mis-Matched Television Sitcoms93.20%
21'How I Met Your Mother' Theme Song93.17%
22The Walking Dead or American Horror Story?93.05%
23Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?92.78%
24TV Sitcom Family Mash Up92.77%
25It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Cast92.70%

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