Difficulty: Religion

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
1Greek Mythology Trios19.45%
2Jesuit Colleges and Universities22.31%
3Most Common Words in the Quran22.57%
4Bible Books by Last Word25.43%
5Bible Top 20027.57%
6Norse Gods27.85%
7Egyptian Gods29.06%
823rd Psalm Click-a-long29.21%
9Biblical Word Cameos29.35%
10Greek Titans29.71%
11Common Pope Names (A-Z)30.11%
125-Letter Pope Names31.03%
13Egyptian Mythology Slideshow31.46%
14Cities with the Most Catholic Basilicas31.85%
15Books of the Bible (Redux)32.35%
16Classical Mythology Lovers33.13%
17Most Common Pope Names33.31%
18Names of Popes33.31%
19Mythological Moon Names34.13%
20Popular Bible Words34.69%
21LDS Temple Locations35.75%
22Book of Judges35.80%
23Norse Mythology A-Z35.85%
24Greek Gods Logic Puzzle35.87%
25Most Common Words in The Bible36.22%


RankQuiz% Correct
1The Four Gospels97.95%
2The Great Papal Scorecard95.63%
3Which Religion?92.20%
4'COEXIST' Symbols91.22%
5Thou Shalt Not What?90.78%
6Sign of the Cross in Latin90.10%
7Religious Puns89.70%
8Books of the Torah Blitz89.49%
9Follow That Line: The Lord's Prayer89.20%
10Books of the Pentateuch88.89%
11Gifts of the Magi88.71%
12Greek God or Roman Rip-Off88.43%
13Missing Letter: Biblical Names88.14%
14Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse87.79%
15Bible Books Without Vowels (New Testament)86.48%
16The Three Magi86.29%
17Bible Book Imposters85.77%
18Christianity, Islam, or Judaism?85.58%
19Book of the Bible or Sura of the Quran?85.32%
20Cryptogram Map: Gods and Goddesses84.68%
214-Letter Bible Book Match-Up84.51%
22Mixed Religious Symbols84.32%
237 or 8 Letter Bible Book Match-Up84.15%
242nd-Largest Religion in Each US State83.77%
25Gods Without 'Religion'83.68%

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