Difficulty: Movies

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RankQuiz% Correct
1100 Worst Movies (2000s)5.36%
2Forest Whitaker Movies7.51%
3Omar Sharif Movies8.28%
4Ernie Hudson Movies9.55%
5Steve Buscemi Movies10.28%
6Susan Sarandon Movies10.33%
7Peter O'Toole Films10.76%
8Dennis Quaid Movies11.58%
9Bill Paxton Movies12.41%
10Samuel L. Jackson Movies12.50%
11Anthony Hopkins Movies13.13%
12Zach Galifianakis Movies13.28%
13James Gandolfini Movies13.58%
14Jeff Bridges Movies13.61%
15Brittany Murphy Movies14.22%
16Kevin Bacon Movies14.39%
17Liam Neeson Movies14.59%
18DVD Sales 200714.61%
19David Koechner Movies14.84%
20Uma Thurman Movies14.95%
21Charlize Theron Movies15.09%
22State Movies15.12%
23#1 Movies: 200915.16%
24Morgan Freeman Movies15.42%
25John Cusack Movies15.74%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Wizard of Oz Wishes97.37%
22-Word '00s Movies96.45%
320 Years of Animation96.10%
4Underwhelming Movie Titles95.66%
5Jack Torrance's Manuscript95.50%
6Follow That Line: Dumb and Dumber95.39%
73 Movies, 1 Missing Word III95.22%
8'80s Movie Title Match-Up95.13%
93 Movies, 1 Missing Word II94.90%
10Finish the Famous Movie Quote94.50%
11Disney by Cake94.37%
12Movie Title Mash-Up Match II94.03%
13Follow That Line: Back to the Future93.97%
14Find More Missing Fauna in Movies93.94%
15Click the James Bond Actor93.48%
16Click a Movie President93.41%
173 Movies, 1 Missing Word V92.90%
18Animated Disney Movie Slideshow92.88%
19Sci-Fi Movie Match-Up92.69%
20Movie Title Mash-Up Match92.56%
21Movies at the Half-Hour Mark (Disney/Pixar)92.33%
22If Movies Had Cell Phones92.17%
23Pick the Leonardo DiCaprio Movie92.07%
24Disney Jokes91.86%
25Disney and Pixar Sand Structures91.81%