Difficulty: History

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
1Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes12.22%
3Best State for Presidents per Election15.64%
4The Nixon Years (1969-1974)15.75%
5Secret Service Codenames16.11%
6Famous Last Words II17.24%
7Nobel Peace Prize17.38%
8In Memoriam: 200817.45%
9White House Press Secretaries17.74%
10In Memoriam: 201518.04%
11Time 20th Century People18.24%
12Members of Bush's Cabinet19.06%
13Female Nobel Laureates19.17%
14Native American History (A-Z)19.39%
15Knights of the Round Table19.48%
16Obama's Cabinet19.55%
17Female Cabinet Secretaries (US)19.56%
18US President by Birth19.71%
19In Memoriam: 201020.75%
20Famous Architects20.76%
21Longest Serving Senators21.13%
22Famous Last Words21.26%
23Car Crash Celebrities21.71%
24World War I Battles22.00%
25In Memoriam: 201922.11%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Historical Figures in Comic Books96.59%
2World Leaders in Comic Books95.50%
3Modern Countries of Gran Colombia95.43%
4UN Security Council Members95.26%
5The Yalta Conference Big Three95.24%
6Nine in Time: US Presidents95.19%
7We Didn't Start the Fire: Historically Speaking IV95.08%
8Famous Quotes About 'B'95.05%
9US Branches of Government94.75%
10Super-Powered Historical Figures94.62%
11What Does NATO Stand For?94.48%
12US Presidents in Comic Books94.44%
13Countries in Four Centuries94.31%
14Click the 'New' Wonders94.29%
15US Presidents with Queen Elizabeth II94.25%
16To the Moon!94.18%
17Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing Quote93.78%
18Concentration Click-a-Pic: History93.63%
19Those 12 Flags: Politicians93.53%
20Happy Thanksgiving from the President93.52%
21Modern History: 1950-197493.42%
22That's What 'L' Said93.34%
23Activists in Comic Books93.32%
2420th Century Events by Lego93.15%
25Historical Puns93.10%

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