Difficulty: Geography

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
1Densely Populated Countries Minefield12.68%
2States' Highest Points14.14%
3Least Guessed Countries Minefield14.58%
4Country Russian Roulette14.83%
5State by Motto14.95%
6Largest Cities/Towns per State Minefield15.35%
7Four-Letter Street Suffixes15.89%
8US States: Oldest to Newest15.97%
9Erase the World16.82%
10Clickable Countries by Continent16.98%
11Capitals of the World (Redux)17.04%
12Most Populous US States in Order Minefield17.51%
13City by Code17.88%
14Anywhere But US Capitals17.94%
15Most Common US City Names18.45%
16Previous Names of Countries18.77%
17Cities' Tallest Buildings19.01%
18Risky Map Clicking: Previous State Alphabetically19.57%
19World Border Minefield 'A'20.04%
20Minefield: Countries by Life Expectancy20.47%
21Alphabetical Countries Per Letter Minefield20.79%
22Smallest Countries (Redux)21.44%
23Minefield Map: European Capitals (Alphabetical)21.47%
24Geography Mini-Minefields21.58%
25Risky Map Clicking: Next State Alphabetically21.78%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Countries with AAA Credit Rating98.99%
2Country Triples96.92%
3Click the Sea of Japan Countries96.64%
4'F' Countries on a Map96.48%
5'I' Countries on a Map96.45%
6Hidden Neighbors of California96.11%
7'J' Countries on a Map95.50%
8States That Border California95.27%
9Click the Bay of Bengal Countries94.97%
10Baltic Sea Countries94.92%
11First Letters of US Cities94.91%
12North American Countries Mix-Up94.85%
13Hexagon Hopping: Geography94.80%
14Liechtenstein's Borders94.67%
15Find the Direction States94.46%
16World by Any 2 Letters Blitz94.38%
17States That Border Arizona94.28%
18First Letters of UK Cities94.26%
19First Letters of US Cities II94.25%
20Future EU Members94.22%
21Hidden Neighbors of Alabama94.09%
22'H' Countries on a Map94.04%
23Click the Coral Sea Countries93.85%
24'O' States93.48%
25Geography Humor II93.34%

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