Difficulty: Just For Fun

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
160 Second Blitz: World Capitals9.05%
2Mega Multiple Choice Memory Minefield12.17%
3Cat Names12.75%
460 Second Blitz: Countries13.68%
5Dog Names14.18%
660 Second Blitz: Elements15.00%
7Color Sequence Memory Game15.83%
8The Simpsons: Baby On Board16.28%
9Number Memory Minefield17.22%
10The Can You Spell Gadaffi Quiz19.23%
11Treasure Hunt! II19.86%
12Fastest Roller Coasters21.53%
13Logical Numbers Logic Puzzle21.79%
14Nine Number Logic Puzzle22.09%
151-25 Logic Puzzle22.21%
16Crossword Blackout! II22.22%
17Disney Animated Movies Blitz22.23%
18Avada Kedavra Logic Puzzle22.29%
19Cube Maze IV22.96%
20Crossword Blackout! III23.28%
21Phantom Counting23.39%
22Codebreaker Logic Puzzle23.49%
23Crossword Blackout!23.49%
24Truthtellers, Liars, and Alternators Logic Puzzle24.02%
25Bar Code Minefield24.07%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Sporcle Blackout99.85%
2Lightswitch Settings99.78%
3Zeller's Algorithm98.86%
4Number Guessing Game98.85%
5A Sporcle Vacation98.75%
6What's in a BLT?98.45%
7Don't Prick the Porcupine97.31%
8Classic Clickable Jokes VII97.13%
9Tattoo My Body With Animals96.62%
10Happy Animals!96.38%
11Geography Humor96.20%
12Terrible Jokes96.14%
13Stretching Animals96.11%
14Multiple Choice: Bigfoot or Aliens?96.10%
15Jokes in Reverse96.07%
16Laffy Taffy Jokes95.96%
17Classic Clickable Jokes V95.90%
18Mini Sudoku VI95.79%
19Animal Topiary Garden95.78%
20Mini Sudoku V95.70%
21Animal Cakes95.61%
22Mini Sudoku IV95.58%
23Watching Grass Grow & Other Live Webcams95.48%
24Just For Fun 7-to-195.34%
25Nicolas Cage Disney Princesses95.29%

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