Difficulty: Entertainment

The hardest and easiest quizzes for every category


RankQuiz% Correct
1Fictional Colleges12.34%
2Marvel: Weapon Plus Projects16.37%
3Sporcle Top 5016.53%
4SI Swimsuit Covers17.64%
5Top Beer Brewers18.36%
6Famous Architects19.50%
7Toy Hall of Fame19.52%
8Tony Best Revival (Musical)19.93%
9Greatest Cartoon Characters20.03%
10Marvel Superheroes by Profession20.32%
11Science Fiction Swearing20.40%
12Same Name Songs and Movies20.45%
13Pop Culture Pop Quiz (2000s)20.58%
14Chat Acronyms (Obscure)20.70%
15Best Selling Cars Ever20.82%
16Fictional Robots20.88%
17EW Entertainer of the Year21.13%
18Fictional Servants21.27%
19Fictional Companies21.31%
20Most Powerful Celebrities of 201121.61%
21Famous Monkeys21.70%
22Well-known Character, Obscure Name21.71%
23Stage Names II21.85%
24Fictional Metals and Materials21.88%
25Famous Prisons21.91%


RankQuiz% Correct
1Members of the Fantastic Four98.24%
2Find the Winnie the Pooh Characters96.86%
3Missing Mergers: Movies to Songs95.95%
4Broadway Songs in Emojis95.87%
51980s Surnames94.98%
6Comic Book Teddy Bears94.38%
7Icons Unmasked94.32%
8Wiki Entertainment Picture Click94.24%
9Celebrity Doppelgängers in History94.24%
10Donald Duck's Nephews94.19%
11Fictional Characters by Snow Globe93.95%
12Silhouettes: Star Wars Characters93.91%
13Hamilton Song Titles in Other Songs93.78%
14Cartoon Characters By Dancing Scene93.70%
15Celebrity Doppelgängers in History III93.30%
16Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin's Alter Egos93.28%
17Winnie the Pooh Characters92.98%
18Hamilton or 1776?92.46%
19Joan Rivers Quotes92.17%
20Cartoon Character Blitz92.16%
21Click the Cartoon Silhouette91.89%
2220 Similar Celebrities II91.53%
23Counting Entertainment Groups91.21%
24Superheroes by Mouse Pad91.09%
25Tattoo my Body with ... Entertainment91.05%