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Published games from 2021.
-lphabetized: Holidays
jrage2009 7,6644.60
10 Easy Christmas Characters in 15
MSUKent 19,2514.43
12 Days of Christmath
RobPro 2,4244.61
15 Second Blitz: Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
pecheneg 32,7184.35
4-to-1 Blitz: Holiday
BookishGirl98 50,9424.59
A Fourth of July
sproutcm 4,4314.46
All About Kwanzaa
knightlancer 9454.44
Alternative Easter Definitions
strokes_static 13,4804.53
Animals Celebrating Easter
lolshortee 11,3644.67
Backward Valentine's Day Match-Up
Qaqaq 8,5424.47
Baseball Christmas
Darzlat 11,7044.47
Bastille Day Definitions
NO_r_WAY 5,1054.62
Breaking Holiday News!
bhenderson79 17,8924.71
Christmas Jokes
ZYX 16,1194.67
Christmas Movies by Numbers
knightlancer 10,9274.53
'Christmas' Song or Not?
GeoEarthling 11,7654.80
Clueless Letter Lines: Holidays
esmeyny 12,6534.51
Complete the April Fools' Hoaxes with an Image
MTwhiz 16,7994.64
Concentration Click-a-Pic: Holiday
Hejman 15,6254.73
Diwali Facts
knightlancer 3,0074.82
Earth Day Without 'EARTH'
AtomicHobo 3,4624.67
Find the Four-Leaf Clovers!
AuroraIllumina 18,6964.71
Flag Day (US): True or False
QuizMiss 5,8804.50
For the Fallen (Remembrance Day)
eyes355 2,1014.51
Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas: Logic Puzzle
Bratista 18,1734.52
Groundhog Day Countries
gingerlover 10,6864.55
Halloween Candies Without Halloween
FarahTheOne 4,3864.65
Halloween Monsters in Pop Culture
gazzso 9,0914.67
Halloween Objects
JackDots 13,7954.54
Hangman - Carol
PenguinsMeercats 12,4764.55
Hangman - Thanksgiving
PenguinsMeercats 15,1744.51
Hanukkah Crossword
PatentExaminer 6,8584.65
Hanukkah Multiple Choice
knightlancer 7,0314.62
Heart-Shaped Objects
LyndonG 11,7334.71
Hidden Odd One Out: Holidays
khake43 12,8284.45
Holiday Jumbles II
beforever 15,6714.48
Holiday Sixes
NJSB 10,8964.29
Holidays by Sweater
gamelord2007 6,2384.27
Holidays by T-Shirt
Darzlat 9,7173.87
Holidays Without Festivus Requirements
jackaronson23 3,0744.62

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