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Published games from 2020.
$500 Million Movies
Hejman 10,3484.20
10 to 1: Oscar Best Picture Characters II
strokes_static 15,2484.50
101 Movie 'W' Words
MSUKent 17,5164.57
1950s Movie Taglines
janbednarczuk 21,8454.67
1990s Best Pictures by Bad Review
biggs364 21,8564.61
2010s Movies A-Z IV
ghcgh 25,2044.60
2018 Movie Slot Machine II
beforever 13,2994.38
3-Word Box Office (2017)
Ubbiebubbie 11,7453.80
5-Letter Movie Men
bhenderson79 18,7984.61
5-Letter Movie Women
bhenderson79 12,3234.67
5-Word Movie Titles Connection
WhoFan1979 23,6224.65
50 Flicks to Click (2019)
Theflash43 17,7924.60
'90s Movies Only
babymonkee 23,5674.46
'Avengers: Endgame' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 39,0124.21
Best Picture Winners: 1940s
mhershfield 13,3694.67
Box Office Top 20 (2010s)
John 9,7034.34
Click a Movie, Initially - Best Supp. Actor Winners
B_Awesome_87 20,7764.65
Click a Movie, Initially - Golden Globe Winners
B_Awesome_87 26,1984.61
g_norm 23,0454.46
Close-Up Disney Movie Posters II
Rackie 16,7694.58
Complete the Superhero Movies (2010s)
beforever 33,4204.48
Criteria: Star Wars Episodic Movie Titles
biggs364 31,6754.16
Disney & Pixar by Mug II
timmylemoine1 13,5774.64
Disney Receipts
Thebiguglyalien 11,6884.44
Every Word in Disney Animated Movie Titles
LTH 30,3764.57
First Word Golden Globe Winners
lolshortee 6,3184.64
Five Decade Movie Medley IX
Year_of_Glad 14,8614.63
Harry Potter Screenshot Match: Goblet of Fire
Quiztopia 33,6304.70
Hide Your 'N' Movies
El_Dandy 13,0884.55
Intersecting Trivia: Movies
bhenderson79 27,6734.74
Invisible Disney Movies
LyndonG 8,4384.18
'Iron Man' Start to Finish
Thebiguglyalien 32,8943.70
Is That a Star Wars Movie?
JeluPotter25 22,9574.29
Margot Robbie Movies
NJSB 2,9564.62
Match the Disney Animals
strokes_static 14,4364.59
Match the Remake/Reboot II
senordingdong 25,4644.57
Middle Names in Movies?
JoeBeta 16,0124.50
Movie Cast Match (2019)
MasterKGlas 18,0634.65
Movie Cast Minesweeper
bhenderson79 41,1894.42
Movie Franchise Character Sorting V
WalshyMusic 39,2304.30

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