Date: Literature

Published games from 2020.
-lphabetized: Harry Potter Characters
jrage2009 9,4354.70
10 in a Minute: American Authors
Flick 7,3864.64
101 Clickable Author Surnames
MSUKent 14,1174.89
16 Little Lord of the Rings Pictograms
bhenderson79 27,9444.80
4 Books, 1 Thing in Common III
jakethegoldfish 16,4044.81
5 in 15: A Song of Ice and Fire Characters
Doctor_Arzt 19,5654.52
5 in 15: Harry Potter Characters V
Doctor_Arzt 25,6004.65
5 in 15: The Hunger Games Characters
Doctor_Arzt 15,1804.41
5 Literature Fivesomes
timschurz 13,5954.40
5-Star Literary Animals
ddd62291 17,9754.41
5-Star Literary Animals II
ddd62291 19,2174.61
5-Star Literary Surnames
ddd62291 15,6264.56
60 Second SPORCLE Blitz: Shakespeare Title Words
sproutcm 12,6914.61
7-to-1: Harry Potter Book Chapters
biggs364 24,2034.72
80% Novels
Pilgab 17,8704.70
ABCD Literature
JoeBeta 16,9634.67
Alphabetized Literature Blanks
SporcleEXP 8,8974.61
Altered Book Titles
LTH 7,2594.69
Animalia in Novel Titles
nabean 12,4134.77
Animals Hidden in Books
Pilgab 20,7984.78
Anyone but Draco Malfoy
ceciliacarlid 13,5944.12
Anyone but Hermione Granger
ceciliacarlid 14,1804.60
Anyone but Ron Weasley
ceciliacarlid 16,2564.77
ASOIAF Great Houses by Family Tree
PrincessMartell 15,0134.53
ASOIAF King or English King?
bareodin2 8,3234.78
ASOIAF: A Game of Spellings
PrincessMartell 6,3764.71
Author by Alliteration
Propellerhead 8,9884.57
Author by Biography Title
Pushcake 14,2264.60
Author by Character
BookishGirl98 12,5264.82
Author by Three Works: 20th Century Literature
WhoFan1979 13,1564.59
Author Marries Character II
MSUKent 6,3754.63
Author Phonetic Name Match
hjckr 7,6954.59
Authors 7-to-1
samc67 42,6714.64
Authors A-Z by Quote
beisaa 7,1334.81
Authors. Initials. Books.
MSUKent 13,2974.90
Authors. Initials. Books. II.
MSUKent 10,1904.80
'B' in Shakespeare
FretfulP 3,1974.53
Bad Harry Potter Spin-Offs
Purple_Parrot 10,1024.49
Biblical Names in Literature
khands 10,7004.56
Biography Books: The Subtitles II
MoMosMoProblems 15,0374.61

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