Date: History

Published games from 2020.
15-Second Blitz: 13 Colonies
pecheneg 20,4204.42
19th Century Events by Decade
khands 5,3184.39
2010s Pop Culture
knightlancer 10,6634.74
2019: A Year in Review
gazzso 27,9103.90
2020 Democratic Candidates by First Names
Noldeh 11,4454.32
4x4 Image Crossword: Historical Figures
bhenderson79 27,1624.67
Also a President's Name
senordingdong 15,3844.60
Anyone but Warren G. Harding
lolshortee 7,2064.67
Anyone but William H. Taft
lolshortee 8,5744.47
Battles by Year
Thryduulf 8,4294.61
Click the Political Leaders (A-Z)
ceciliacarlid 26,0714.37
Complex Napoleons
pdigoe 6,0084.48
Country by Fascinating Structure
NO_r_WAY 14,8684.79
Historical Events by Lego
Pilgab 20,8184.57
History by Rhyme II
jrage2009 19,1774.30
History Hunt: United Kingdom
hjckr 10,0774.69
Images of War
babymonkee 13,7724.66
Know the President?
MSUKent 13,0354.69
Last Ten: UK Prime Ministers in Order
thebail 15,6994.65
Legislative, Executive or Judicial?
Hejman 9,4174.59
Missing Word Crossword: World Leaders
BookishGirl98 13,0384.62
Mixed Word: Famous Artists
bowsntoys 3,6604.48
MLK: In His Orbit
senordingdong 5,7934.59
Multiple VP Presidents
Hejman 5,6174.47
Mystery People
MoMosMoProblems 13,9184.81
No President States
Hejman 10,7984.78
Not 2020 Democratic Candidates
Thebiguglyalien 6,4494.36
Obscure Knowledge - NATO Members
PenguinsMeercats 55,8883.99
Odd Presidents Minefield
HPGirl 16,6584.44
Old Photos: Who Is It?
MSUKent 21,4894.75
Old Photos: Who Is It? II
MSUKent 16,4814.76
Pick 3 Historical Leaders
shirleyalpha 18,7284.55
Pick 5 in 15: US Presidents
MSUKent 43,5564.34
Presidential Palindromes
sproutcm 7,1674.65
Spot the Canadian Prime Ministers
MrWhiplash 9,2764.49
'T'-Ending Presidents
sproutcm 21,6594.48
The 3rd Thing You Need to Know: 18th Century People
MrWhiplash 18,7414.51
The Only One: US Presidents
stepheash 21,8184.50
The Yalta Conference Big Three
HPGirl 6,5754.27
Triple Criteria Quiz: US Presidents
biggs364 42,2043.82

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