Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2020.
2 Words, 1 Answer: B
MSUKent 17,7264.42
2 Words, 1 Answer: C
MSUKent 20,1834.06
25 Things We Learned in 2019
sufradley 23,5583.96
5-by-5 Logic Puzzle IV
The_Professor 25,1144.42
5x5 in 90: Mixed Just For Fun Minefield Blitz
kfastic 46,0984.61
6x6 Grid Cycle Logic Puzzle
The_Professor 4,8144.67
Barn Owl or Apple
sproutcm 25,5704.39
Building Bridges VII
jyrops 25,1014.08
Building Bridges VIII
jyrops 17,2064.33
Catan Minesweeper II
joeydeka 17,1214.32
Code Cracker! XXXI
hockeystix3 27,6754.81
Code Cracker! XXXII
hockeystix3 23,5804.74
Color Puns
alinrotundu 32,3114.35
Crossword Blackout! XVII
hockeystix3 39,7934.25
Hangman - Character
PenguinsMeercats 24,5314.28
Image Word Wheel XIII
JoeBeta 11,4684.51
Minefield Puzzle V
vikZ 15,9664.22
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XX
sproutcm 19,7144.12
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XXI
sproutcm 15,4214.42
Multicolor Paint-By-Numbers II
sproutcm 29,4514.49
Odd But True Facts XXIV
babymonkee 19,0134.48
One, Two...Not Three XIX
Tasi 23,5704.38
One, Two...Not Three XX
Tasi 20,1694.56
Pair Up the Socks!
BookishGirl98 18,8034.31
Pieces of Art II
AuroraIllumina 10,3004.81
QUICK! Click the 'C' Things!
MSUKent 43,3514.55
Saturday Sudoku XXX
kfastic 8,1614.64
Saturday Sudoku XXXI
I-Am-Batman 8,7284.56
Saturday Sudoku XXXII
hockeystix3 7,2704.40
Saturday Sudoku XXXIII
PatentExaminer 7,9374.72
Saturday Sudoku XXXIV
ivan9193 7,4994.70
Saturday Sudoku XXXV
millibabe16 7,6434.63
Saturday Sudoku XXXVI
strokes_static 6,5594.63
Saturday Sudoku XXXVII
mike2017 6,4444.80
Take Five V
El_Dandy 17,4904.42
Take the Long Way Home (Maze) III
jyrops 33,8373.57
Terrible Jokes V
ZYX 26,6434.72
This, But Not That XVII
MoMosMoProblems 26,4024.71
This, But Not That XVIII
Arnott 25,0094.57
Trivia Meets Rubik's Cube
Barbecue 13,1114.62

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