Date: Entertainment

Published games from 2020.
... He's My Brother
JoeBeta 24,6094.70
10-to-1 Broadway Characters
prof_river_snape 12,1414.49
15-Second Blitz: Signs of the Zodiac
pecheneg 26,1894.49
4-Letter Cartoon Animals
timschurz 18,7854.64
4x4 Image Crossword: Celebrities
bhenderson79 48,8034.62
9 Fictional Australian Characters
Pilgab 26,2904.56
9 Fictional Chinese Characters
Pilgab 20,2024.45
9 Fictional Mexican Characters
Pilgab 23,5074.56
Accustomed to Your Lack of Face
KingPhoebus 10,2914.71
Actors by Two Comic Book Roles
alvir28 18,2894.54
Anime by a Single Character
Schicky 42,8144.07
Anime Titles: Real or Fake?
babymonkee 34,0204.41
Aquaman's Powers
Thebiguglyalien 15,5334.30
Beyond 2000: Cartoons Slot Machine
gazzso 7,8644.33
Big Bens
BanjoZebra 10,8204.50
Black Panther's Powers
Thebiguglyalien 19,0914.07
Born on February 29
iglew 7,5264.50
Broadway Musicals: A Word Too Many
gazzso 7,2524.59
Bugs on Screen
pdigoe 6,3824.33
Can You Pick the Real Celebrity?
MSUKent 23,9144.71
Cartoon Crossovers
Crazybirdman 8,5264.74
Cartoons by Socks Click IV
JackDots 9,2394.49
Celebrities by Birthplace II
awesomeness365 19,9054.46
Celebrities in the Kitchen II
Nacchi 9,3194.77
Celebrities Reading Newspapers
Nacchi 11,2404.69
Celebrity Men's Initials by Picture
minshkins 36,8134.49
Celebrity Sorting IX
WalshyMusic 63,0354.32
Celebrity Sorting X
WalshyMusic 54,4984.31
Celebrity Sorting XI
WalshyMusic 59,6954.44
Celebrity Sorting XII
WalshyMusic 61,2304.36
Celebrity Sorting XIII
WalshyMusic 49,9704.14
Celebrity Sorting XIV
WalshyMusic 46,7474.31
Celebrity Sorting XV
WalshyMusic 43,1994.31
Celebrity Sorting XVI
WalshyMusic 44,9394.23
Celebrity Sorting XVII
WalshyMusic 40,2654.21
Characters Making Magic
ceciliacarlid 16,6254.57
Characters on the Big and Small Screens
Doctor_Arzt 9,9534.85
Click My Spouse
senordingdong 20,8424.49
Click the Animated Characters A-Z
ceciliacarlid 35,4374.70
Click the Grim Reaper
Jovahkiin 9,1584.59

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