Date: Miscellaneous

Published games from 2019.
10 to 1: Winter
senordingdong 42,5654.51
15 Categories: Letter 'L' Blitz
Flick 59,5104.73
15 Categories: Letter 'M' Blitz
Flick 66,5154.43
15 Categories: Letter 'N' Blitz
Flick 55,1174.47
15 Categories: Letter 'O' Blitz
Flick 47,5134.63
15 Categories: Letter 'P' Blitz
Flick 49,8174.49
15 Categories: Letter 'Q' Blitz
Flick 43,2104.54
16 Little Body Part Pictograms
bhenderson79 31,6154.70
3 Food Threesomes
sproutcm 23,4884.12
3-D Miscellany
samc67 14,4734.60
9x9 Mystery Word Sudoku
Kit_Spades 5,8674.56
'A' Logos Close-Up
BoggelTeam 31,9094.26
'A' Names by 3 Surnames
lolshortee 34,6004.36
Absent Letter Alcohol
RobFitz 52,3714.30
Absent Letter Fruits and Vegetables
RobFitz 64,7714.45
An Edible Crossword
Tootsnsuch 20,8653.68
Angel, Devil, God, or Monster?
El_Dandy 18,2904.60
Animals by Cupcake
BookishGirl98 5,9744.57
Anything But Ivy League Colleges
JohnFran 31,8164.13
'B' Logos Close-Up
BoggelTeam 29,0484.37
'B' Names by 3 Surnames
lolshortee 29,4994.35
Babies Named for World Capitals
iglew 10,9604.80
Baby Boy Name Blitz
El_Dandy 27,9804.65
Baby Girl Name Blitz
El_Dandy 26,7344.60
Baby Names Ending with -SON
Pillbug 23,9374.60
Baby Names Starting with AN-
Pillbug 20,7944.69
Baby Names Starting with JO-
Pillbug 18,7974.53
Baby Names Starting with SO-
Pillbug 13,6214.47
Baby Names: 'K' Boy Names by Decade
triplet_3 26,1984.66
'Black' Things
babymonkee 26,5784.60
Black, White, Green or Brown
DesertSpartan 17,7114.52
Blitz: Hunger, Games, or Hunger Games
jrage2009 13,3464.56
Bullseye Blitz: Increasing Letters!
bhenderson79 19,0434.68
'C' Logos Close-Up
BoggelTeam 25,3524.52
'C' Names by 3 Surnames
lolshortee 31,0514.45
Catholic Pope or The Hunger Games Character?
jrage2009 5,3404.62
Cereal Mascot by Slogan
BoggelTeam 32,6544.40
Choose the Only Four III
AmazingPenguin 47,3213.70
Click a Martin
Flick 16,4504.58
Click the Office Supply
PrincessMartell 25,8514.12

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