Date: Holiday

Published games from 2019.
16 Little Holiday Pictograms
bhenderson79 40,2564.61
4th of July by Any Category
biggs364 15,7514.48
8 Not So Crazy Questions (A Hanukkah Quiz)
DesertSpartan 12,6364.43
All About Earth Day
El_Dandy 7,6764.55
Almost Useless Holiday Trivia
bhenderson79 25,5554.68
Alternative Thanksgiving Definitions
strokes_static 9,6144.58
Animals with a Bunny
Pilgab 16,0364.50
Badly Sculpted Holidays
sufradley 11,5403.78
Black the Block: Holiday
jrage2009 15,8484.50
Blitz: Monday Holidays
Hejman 14,0984.37
Breaking Christmas Movie News!
bhenderson79 11,2424.76
Charlie Brown Christmas Character by Quote
senordingdong 11,6994.76
Chinese Zodiac Animal Legos
Pilgab 17,6314.27
Christmas Acrostic Puzzle
bhenderson79 27,4774.63
Christmas Carols Without the Christmas
Hejman 10,3074.63
Christmas Characters by Quote
minshkins 15,9784.62
Christmas Idioms
alinrotundu 15,6744.34
Christmas Lyric Match-Up
Bolafssonify 21,3824.64
Christmas Movies in Order Minefield
minshkins 21,8573.86
Christmas Songs Missing a Letter
bhenderson79 16,6034.85
Click the Night Before Christmas
LTH 9,8404.43
pdigoe 27,7454.72
Click-a-Trick, Click-a-Treat
pdigoe 16,8124.66
Complete the Holiday... With a Picture
Noldeh 43,8874.55
Countries Without Thanksgiving
Exodiafinder687 7,4624.58
Crossword Hive
gazzso 15,2724.61
Dreidel Letters
sproutcm 3,7534.70
El or Noel?
BillyJoelRulez 10,1634.57
'FEAR'-less Halloween Costumes
FilipinoBreloom 4,8024.21
Festivals of Lights
Scuadrado 27,3364.48
Find Five: Holiday Things
eyes355 22,1674.47
First Day of School - A Logic Puzzle
skuban 59,7964.78
Halloween Grab Bag
Exodiafinder687 9,4544.57
Halloween Wordfind Puzzle
gazzso 27,8074.74
Hangman - Christmas
PenguinsMeercats 19,6303.95
Hexagon Hopping: Holiday
PenguinsMeercats 27,5714.61
Holiday by Necktie
hatefulmissy 20,9994.29
Holiday Groups Grab Bag
BillyJoelRulez 28,2654.54
Holiday Receipts
Thebiguglyalien 13,6744.34
Holiday Word Clouds
THEJMAN 7,2264.45

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