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Published games from 2019.
16 Little Celebrity Pictograms
bhenderson79 29,4984.81
5 in 15: Justice League Members
Doctor_Arzt 17,4383.98
Almost Useless Marvel Trivia
bhenderson79 13,9464.69
Anything but DC Characters
777Shrek 61,0103.58
Award-Winning X-Men Actors
pdigoe 8,7684.61
Before and After: Celebrity/Character
Tom_the_Terrible 13,4174.13
Best Musicals with No MUSIC
hsox05 4,0174.69
Bruce Lee vs. Jackie Chan
hjckr 4,7684.70
Bullseye Blitz: Superheroes!
bhenderson79 32,3554.74
Captain Marvel's Powers
Thebiguglyalien 18,5233.95
Cartoon by Instagram Story
BoggelTeam 14,2184.38
Cartoons by Socks Click II
JackDots 13,2854.64
Cartoons in the Kitchen
strokes_static 10,5794.64
Cartoons Playing Sports
strokes_static 11,0344.47
Cartoons Wearing Green
strokes_static 8,9524.55
Celebrities Born in the '80s
JedenPolska 10,2734.21
Celebrities in Comic Books
druhutch 6,7394.18
Celebrities Reading Books
Nacchi 8,2874.66
Celebrity by Definition
NO_r_WAY 25,6754.47
Celebrity Early Head Shots III
HappyWife 36,5174.23
Celebrity Early Head Shots IV
HappyWife 33,5844.32
Celebrity Picture Surname Match
puckett86 13,7354.77
Celebrity Sorting III
WalshyMusic 41,5273.99
Celebrity Sorting IV
WalshyMusic 42,3364.26
Change a Letter: Anime
christopherjulia 15,9204.35
Click a Williams
DesertSpartan 14,5964.71
Click the Spider-Man Characters
bortoluka 14,4224.26
Click the X-Men
bortoluka 15,9034.21
Clickable Same First Name
senordingdong 12,8484.48
Comic Character by Eye Make-Up
KStericker 14,4494.20
Complete the Broadway Musical... With a Picture
Noldeh 32,9854.67
Criteria Celebrities Picture Quiz
hockeystix3 9,0553.59
CSI: Harry Potter
Hejman 18,9014.73
Dan Who?
wilycub 21,1744.43
DC & Marvel Comics Mugs
timmylemoine1 16,6894.68
DC Heroes by Symbol
johnnytaken 19,6364.30
Either/Or in 30: Famous Siblings
MSUKent 23,7584.26
Entertaining Jumbles II
beforever 13,4604.13
Entertaining Middle A
Flick 11,6184.59
Fictional Characters of Europe
LTH 19,4604.74

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