Date: History

Published games from 2018.
'H' American History Figures
william2 19,3194.68
'H' Presidents
sproutcm 13,6604.54
'L' American History Figures
william2 18,7744.66
'Nine' Year Major Events by Nine Word Clue
El_Dandy 19,6274.25
'Q' 'X' 'Z' American History
william2 5,5444.55
17th Century Names Match-Up
khands 13,1574.56
18th Century Click-in-the-Blank
khands 11,5384.79
1980s World Leaders Names Match-Up
khands 12,6774.68
1990s or 2000s?
kfastic 26,9554.57
1990s or 2000s? II
kfastic 18,6934.61
2017 in Pictures
NO_r_WAY 15,2664.47
2017 Quiz
Flick 34,8534.48
20th Century Events by Lego
Pilgab 28,2334.70
20th Century Events by Lego II
Pilgab 35,3424.61
20th Century History with a Movie Title
theobashau 23,7314.25
20th Century History: April
HCTristesse 5,0534.60
20th Century History: January
HCTristesse 11,2114.83
20th Century History: March
HCTristesse 6,1714.67
25 Facts About James Madison
beforever 9,9574.75
25 Facts About James Monroe
beforever 8,4164.53
25 Facts About John Quincy Adams
beforever 5,9514.47
3 History Threesomes II
sproutcm 17,8414.14
5 to 1: US Presidents
mg10 76,8364.74
Abraham Lincoln's Posse
MasterKGlas 4,1864.55
Active Military Per Capita
segacs 7,4144.51
Ancient Rome Sorting Gallery
MoMosMoProblems 15,5594.70
Anyone but Gerald Ford
lolshortee 9,8414.33
Anyone but Richard Nixon
lolshortee 10,7364.51
Book and Painting Title Blitz
Tootsnsuch 10,8834.51
Bullseye Blitz: History!
bhenderson79 37,6854.85
Civil Rights Activists Match-up
khands 6,1964.63
Civil War General or Avenger?
BetterThanKate 49,5214.31
Click the 20th Century US Presidents
bhenderson79 31,4364.67
Click the Pre-20th Century US Presidents
bhenderson79 11,9994.63
Clicking Through the 19th Century II
AutonomusPlebian 10,7994.40
Country By Year 1961-1990
aunin 9,3444.68
Davids Who Changed the US
DesertSpartan 11,3284.29
Democratic Presidents of the US
Caedus 48,4283.89
Double Letters in Presidential Surnames
milc 20,6374.51
Eyes in Art
MoMosMoProblems 15,3874.86

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