Date: Just For Fun

Published games from 2018.
25 Things We Learned in 2017
sufradley 31,0994.38
Binary Logic Puzzle IV
Susan300 3,5584.47
Chaotic Typing Challenge
BanjoZebra 5,4144.27
Code Cracker! XII
hockeystix3 24,9454.88
Crossword Blackout! II
hockeystix3 67,6093.94
Cube Maze II
GreenGuineaPig 54,8514.42
Lucky Seven Crossword II
El_Dandy 18,3314.33
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle III
sproutcm 22,5983.72
Missing Word: 1971 Movies A-Z
lizbsn 2,8684.77
Missing Word: Arctic Monkeys Songs
Chicken_Dipper 1,5134.17
Missing Word: Bad Action Movies
lolshortee 3,0564.59
Missing Word: Best Albums of the '90s
Noldeh 2,4104.71
Missing Word: Brians
NJSB 2,8154.83
Missing Word: Directed by Women
Pilgab 2,3824.76
Missing Word: Dolly Parton Songs
Droxnar 1,9604.54
Missing Word: Harry Potter Cast V
tim_parr 6024.43
Missing Word: Harry Potter Chapters (A-Z)
kfastic 2,0784.56
Missing Word: In Memoriam 2017 Movies
NJSB 3,8074.83
Missing Word: Jazz Songs 'C'
samc67 2,1184.56
Missing Word: Law Misconceptions
Thebiguglyalien 2,6114.75
Missing Word: Leslie Mann
beforever 1,8704.50
Missing Word: Mila Kunis
Ubbiebubbie 1,9914.39
Missing Word: Movies Based Off Science Fiction Novels
Torey 2,8984.58
Missing Word: Play Away
zalkon2004 3,5224.85
Missing Word: Pokémon Moves (A-Z)
zachtseng 8204.13
Missing Word: Simon & Garfunkel (A-Z)
TheInfam0usThey 3,6424.67
Missing Word: The Wedding Singer Soundtrack
timmylemoine1 2,0744.50
Missing Word: This Day in History (January)
Flick 4,7684.62
Missing Word: Video Game Protagonists
Year_of_Glad 9974.00
One, Two...Not Three IV
Tasi 16,3404.62
Pick the Number Blitz
hscer 15,0333.61
Quick Pick: 'J' Athletes
NYYanks 5,9614.10
Quick Pick: 'L' Latin Phrases
smac17 6,3274.71
Quick Pick: Bob Seger Songs
barnacle_bill 5,3754.75
Quick Pick: Classic Novels en Français
morley518 4,8604.74
Quick Pick: Couples in Literature
Fruitbat 3,5224.52
Quick Pick: Dallas Cowboys QBs
ChargingTiger 2,0564.67
Quick Pick: Gryffindors
lizbsn 3,8844.04
Quick Pick: Japanese Car Brands
mynameisowen13 4,1334.81
Quick Pick: Japanese Landmarks
Flick 3,4264.83