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Published games from 2018.
140 Disney Character Tweet
LTH 46,0764.73
16 Little Cartoon Character Pictograms
bhenderson79 71,4934.71
20 Fictional Princesses
31415926535 15,3414.51
3-Word Anime Name Matching
jr637 50,7994.13
5 by 5 Famous Names IV
lolshortee 70,8954.14
'80s Baby Names by '80s-Themed Clues
MrChewypoo 19,1024.36
'A' in Disney
wilycub 35,6884.57
A Really Big Shew: Ed Sullivan Famous Appearances
needapausebutton 13,6484.64
AA-AZ People
RaysRule2010 16,6454.56
Alliterative Entertainers
DesertSpartan 19,4634.29
Alliterative Fictional Characters
Purple_Parrot 14,9984.60
'And' or 'In'?
mikenew 57,6904.44
Animation Missing a Letter
bhenderson79 43,2004.85
Ant-Man Characters
jedbarn4459 3,7034.36
Are You There, X? It's Me, Y
ZYX 16,4484.65
Avoid the Antagonists
strokes_static 34,3554.36
Award-Winning MCU Members
pdigoe 28,9394.53
Badly Drawn Superhero Logos
NarwhalNukeYT 28,2024.50
Blackboard Blitz: Batman Villains
goc3 49,8554.25
Blockheads IV
lt2009 10,2903.54
Born on the Same Day
eon 17,4784.61
Cartoon Character & Franchise Sort
El_Dandy 27,4564.57
Cartoon Character by Debut
senordingdong 28,3064.59
Cartoon Characters by First Names
Noldeh 59,8014.60
Cartoon Dog Breeds
lolshortee 30,8994.77
Cartoon Owners and Pets
gazzso 34,3614.72
Celebrities Behind the Camera
Nacchi 15,2844.50
Celebrities in the Kitchen
Nacchi 21,2344.50
Celebrities in the Mirror
Nacchi 19,7654.39
Celebrities Venn Diagram II
awesomeness365 76,7484.31
Celebrities Venn Diagram III
awesomeness365 46,6134.49
Celebrity Early Head Shots
HappyWife 111,7864.43
Celebrity Early Head Shots II
HappyWife 97,6354.45
Celebrity or Star Wars Character? II
bareodin2 25,8194.63
Celebrity or Star Wars Character? III
bareodin2 19,9624.51
Celebrity Shared Names II
qlh27 19,4664.60
Celebrity Siblings IV
sproutcm 17,1453.86
Celebrity Sorting
WalshyMusic 122,8854.24
Celebrity Sorting II
WalshyMusic 105,1164.18
Children's Fiction Is for the Dogs
bushytailed 11,4214.29

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